WorldNet: The Internet Company That is Unparalleled

One of AT&T's web portal and internet service provider is WorldNet. The French general public has this net as the first internet provider in the whole of France. Sebastien Socchard, Philippe Langlois and Pierre Seguret were the founding father of WorldNet, and started its business last February 15, 1994. It changed the computer security company SCT (Security Concept Technology).

On 1994, September the 15th, a few computer magazines have mentioned ten thousand connection packages that was offered in the country. These kind of connection kits basically allowed one to gain cost free internet access for three hours. After such time, CDs of over hundreds of thousands have been sent out in numerous French magazines. PC experts has termed and thus granted the merit for "best internet service provider" to this web portal. After 2 years, Syberx and Mc Millan has published over 30 books that also distributed the provider's connection kit. This is due to the fact that they were the first one to execute and display the internet access in the market. Some of their innovative developments are the unlimited connection package and the first connection kit. It was also the first in France to give individual pages, and enable faxing to function on e-mail accounts.The best way to start your research is if you go to Worldnet Solutions where you can find out more about this.

In a trade fair conducted for Computer Associates held in February 15, 1994, they launched their internet solutions. At first, the rate billed to their clients each hour was 80 francs. In that year, people who have subscribed to them reach over 3,000. On the same year, WorldNet became the first French Internet service provider to be distributed in mags, first on floppy disks, and first on CD-ROMs. In the year 1996, WorldNet provides nationwide access at a connection speed that differs from 14,000 to 28,800 bits. Throughout the mentioned year, there were 10 access points that were established across France, which literally means that all of France can be connected conveniently to the internet.

WorldNet was a provider in more than 30 publications on the topic of the internet. On January 21, 1997, the world wide web service of WorldNet was also get to be the pick of internet connection in all computer systems that is included with operating system. Just by the icon for internet connection, each and every user could then connect to the service. Furthermore, the collaboration of Microsoft and WorldNet enables the latter to get a large number of new clients. Eventually they have attained over 10,000 subscribers because of such great partnership.

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